This page contains an list/index of documents pertaining the the Zeldin Copies.

Zeldin Independence Party Petitions

The table below consists of the 47 volumes of petitions filed by the Lee Zeldin campaign for the Independence Party petition, filed at the New York State Board of Elections on May 31, 2022. These documents were scanned by the New York State Board of Elections and obtained by the Libertarian Party of New York for examination.

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NYSBOE Staff Worksheets

Below are the New York State Board of Elections Staff Worksheets. Notice how many sheets were listed as “photocopies” in Volumes 38 through 47. This was the staff recommendations for the Board of Elections Commissioners to invalidate the petition. Most of the invalidated petition signatures were on photocopied sheets.

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Staff Worksheets for Volumes 19-37View
Staff Worksheets for Volumes 38-43View
Staff Worksheets for Volumes 44-47View
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